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A Steamy Hit on iBooks

In the realm of nice surprises, having a book make a splash on iBooks is up there with a hot man sending you flowers and discovering you won on a scratch off lottery ticket - at the same time!

The third short story in The Erotic Diary of Xaviera Snow, A Royal Scandal, is turning people on all over the world. Yes, I've reached out with my words, caressed with my verbiage, and tickled the naughty bits of readers. I feel just a little slutty, but ultimately, happy to have satisfied so many. Ahhh.

Well? What are you waiting for? Have you checked out this sexy trilogy of tales yet? Each is designed to hit just the right spot. Books one and three are wide on all retailers, and book two will join them in July along with my erotic comedy, Hiring John. Grab your copies, and rev your engine!

The Power of ThreeA Commanding LiaisonA Royal Scandal