Videos make books better!

Book trailers are the key to presenting great visual to readers. Who doesn't like a movie trailer, right? So why not book trailers? I love them, and thanks to Lumen, I am adding them to my marketing. I can't wait to do some steamy ones for an up-and-coming special project I'm working on for YOU! With that said, let's get you in the mood for my two latest hits, Queen's Island, a contemporary, steamy romance unfurling amid sexy massages, multiple suitors, and imminent danger, and...Hiring John, a raunchy, hilarious romantic comedy set in seedy Las Vegas. Enjoy a comedy of errors, crazy one stands, and over-the-top drag queens in this fast-moving, laugh-out-loud novella.

Queen's Island from Paper Gold Publishing

Hiring John, an M.E. Gwynn Publication


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