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New Release from Ima Synner gets Kah Key!

Kah Key HONEYMOON by Ima Synner A Kah Key Club Book Cover design by Becky McGraw Genre: Satirical Erotica meant for mature readers only. Length: Short Story (13k) Release Date: September 2018

Welcome to Kah Key, an exclusive, adults-only island resort located in the Florida Keys, where adults do adult things and the tongue in their cheeks might not be a tongue.
Shrieka and Ben D. Lotz are newlyweds who’ve been given an all-inclusive two week stay at the infamous Kah Key Resort for their honeymoon. They’re also kinksters and perpetually horny, but when Ben breaks his foot just days before the trip and finds himself restricted by a walking cast, can they have any fun? Dr. Peter Goesinya, the resort’s medic, seems to think that with a little creativity, they can, and will. Especially once he assigns his PA Fabio Lothario as their own personal “nurse” for their stay. These horndogs are about to have their libido put to the ultimate test by some of the best in the business. All they have to …