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Ringing in Changes for the New Year

Hello Lovers!

Xaviera here, dropping by unannounced, inappropriately dressed, but I have wine so figured you'd be forgiving. I'm celebrating plans. Plans for changes upcoming in 2019 that will involve new books, new avenues of publication and profit, and a change of location (TBD).

You have been part of my journey so far and I hope you'll hang around through 2019 to see what the year brings. I couldn't have done it without you! Yes, you. You with your bright eyes and devious mind and book-loving ways. Damn, I like you.

So, let us look around at 2018 and appreciate all the highs and even the lows. They are just as important because we learn from them what we want, don't want, and what to avoid so we don't fall on our butts again. She's been a year of surprises, laughs, hardships, uncertainty, and growth. Thank you, 2018. Here's to you (raising my glass). Sorry about the nip-slip.

Lots of love,

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