Titles by Xaviera Snow

Queen's Island

At thirty-five, Claire Townsend found herself fatigued, fifteen pounds overweight, and in need of medical help. When Doctor Marie Petit prescribes a month-long stay at an exclusive spa on a remote island off the French Riviera, Claire believes she's being sent for some rest and physical rehabilitation, but when she arrives, the 'spa' is not at all what she expected, and neither is her assigned trainer, Cade Malone.

When the hot therapist puts her through her paces, shy Claire discovers she's about to get not only a workout, but worked over by a man who knows exactly what she needs! Cade's daily exercise routine leaves her breathless, and begging for more as Queen's Island reveals its sexy, yet discreet, secrets.

Britain St. James has it all, except for a man! As her job sends her across the 'pond' to Sin City, U.S.A., she comes to the shocking conclusion that at 40, she's lonely. So what's a proper British career woman to do while in Las Vegas? Hire a male escort, of course! What could possibly go wrong?


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The naughty nanny is back! Xaviera finds love in London, but will it last? Carlo, an Italian prince blessed with both charm and good looks steals Xaviera's breath away, and commands submission from her body. Together, they rule, but his family may have something to say about his affair with a common American girl. Short story erotica for 18+.

A Commanding Liaison (The Erotic Diary of Xaviera Snow Vol 2)

Contains Adult Content: Xaviera agrees to work for a handsome yet detached German Diplomat. Thomas Gunnar is gorgeous, but has control issues, as in, he wants to control Xaviera! Her new job turned out not to be as a nanny to children, which is what she thought she was being hired for, but rather, as a personal assistant to Mr. Gunnar. A very personal assistant! From the moment she steps onto his private jet, she finds herself irritated, angry, and extremely turned on by the taciturn man with brilliant blue eyes. The tasks he assigns her breach professional ethics and delve deep, straight into her pants. As Xaviera submits to her employer's demands, she finds pleasure she never knew existed, but it's without intimacy - until he visits her bedchamber one night and shows her another side of himself. Confused, by his dual personality, Ms. Snow falls for the romantic gentleman, but her body craves the man who masters it. Are there two sides to Thomas Gunnar, or is there another explanation?

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Xaviera Snow has lived many an adventure as a globetrotting nanny. It started in Spain with her two best friends and one hot waiter named Carlos! Curiosity killed the cat, but it satisfied the nanny! One night of sexual experimentation scratched an itch, but it set off an insatiable craving for me. Is three company or is it an addiction? (Contains adult content. For age 18+)


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