New Cover Reveal

Introducing A Commanding Liaison!

Book two in The Erotic Diary of Xaviera Snow, previously titled Erotic Liaison, has been updated to reflect the outstanding story within.

Also available on KDP Select for Prime Members, A Commanding Liaison takes Xaviera into the world of dominants and submissives, where pleasure is the order of the day.

Xaviera takes on a new position with a sexy yet distant German Diplomat, but it's not what she expected! Thomas Gunnar has control issues, as in, he wants to control Xaviera. Herr Gunnar is very clear that he intends to get very personal with his new personal assistant. She now finds herself out of her depth as her new boss handles her in surprising, and yet satisfying ways. The tasks he assigns her breach professional ethics and push her to her very limits. Worse, her own ethics are called into question when she meets his twin brother, Kurt. One man satisfies her body, and the other, her heart. But can she handle the deception or will she lose all in the end?


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